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Mr. Amarchand Rander

Mr. Amarchand Rander, 64, is the founder, Chairman and Managing Director of the Company. He was the one of the major protagonists in the IPO of the company during 1993. He has more than three decades of experience in the real estate market and the Company looks upon his vision as a roadmap to growth.

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Mr. Dinesh Rander

Mr. Dinesh Rander, 51, joined the company in 1994 as operations manager for the construction sector and has subsequently become an expert in managing the entire supply chain of the company. He is currently managing the construction activities in the Boisar area for the company. He also manages the educational institutions operating under Rander Education Society

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Mr. Anil Dhoot

Mr. Dhoot, 57, has been with the Company since 1989 and currently oversees all the site operations along with the sales department. He brings with him a rich experience in the real estate domain.

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Mr. Amit Rander

Mr. Amit Rander, 35, joined the company in May, 2012 Manager, Finance Department. He completed his engineering from Mumbai in 2008. Subsequently he worked for J.P.Morgan as a junior analyst in the Investment Banking domain (Sub domain: Real estate). He then joined IIT Delhi to complete his MBA in Finance and is now Chief Financial Officer of the Company.

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Mr. Rohan Rander

Mr. Rohan Rander, 26, joined the company in November 2020 as Director of IT operations. He has completed his Engineering from Mumbai in 2017 and worked in Infosys as a network designer.